We often confuse words.

Affect vs. Effect

Than vs. Then

Complement vs. Compliment

These mistakes simply result in a red notification on Grammarly or a blue underline on MS Word, nudging you to correct it. Unfortunately for others, the confusion perpetuates long-standing issues of accessibility and fairness.

You might wonder, how can two words possibly do that much damage simply by sounding alike?

Let’s talk about Equality vs. Equity.

It is undeniable that some of us are born with a head start. That head start can mean being born into wealth, in a wealthy country, or in a place with greater opportunity. …

While the FBA man may not actually exist behind your laptop camera, big brother does exist.

Not in the same way that George Orwell wrote about years ago. This also isn’t a regurgitated exposé on the trials and tribulations of data protection.

This is about choices.

*Spoiler* We don’t have as much control over our choices as we think.

There is a stark difference between choosing and picking from a pre-determined array.

You’re probably wondering what the semantics are all about.

Let’s imagine you’re in a restaurant. Let’s also imagine we’re not living in a pandemic, and you’re sitting at a lovely booth, mask-free. …

A cultural massacre has been occurring in North America for the past few decades.

Two years ago, the government turned to the public for recommendations and received hundreds on rectifying the issue.

Ask, and you will receive.

Yet, just two weeks ago, during the annual vigil to commemorate the hundreds of missing and murdered Indigenous women, girls, trans and two-spirit people, we were reminded of just how little has actually changed.

In September of 2016, when the Trudeau government came into power, the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls was created — a completed $92 million…

I started a project called EMM with my friends to End Maternal Mortality. EMM aims to reduce the maternal mortality rate in Jigawa State, Nigeria by 20–30% through the distribution of a life-saving drug.

My role at EMM involves building out our model. I work on answering questions like:

  • How are we going to get the misoprostol (drug) to those who need it most?
  • How do we keep track of a drug in a low-resource and rural area?
  • How do we involve the community to ensure the model is sustainable long-term?

In developing the model, learning about monitoring and evaluation…

And tackle the noble attempt of defining “self.”

Passion and motivation are nothing without discipline.

This is something I’ve come to believe based on severity and influence. By severity and influence, I mean how affected we are by each emotion in isolation in comparison to how affected we are by them in combination.

In isolation, I find that motivation is fleeting, discipline is lacklustre, and passion is arbitrary. To contextualize and further explain why none is effective in isolation, let’s take the example of a project.

Motivation: You start a lemonade stand. You’re so excited to make money and try…

For something to be valid, or at the very least, arguable, it must be open for discussion.

You’re probably thinking — well isn’t everything technically “open for discussion”? There may not be any tangible result or action created but discourse is generally always an option.

I disagree.

Arguments are sometimes made with unfalsifiable claims. These are arguments that don’t allow for any valid opposing ideas. This effectively stops any rational conversation from taking place. Even speculation is pretty much put to bed.

The problem with this is that contradiction is where it’s at. The only way to seek higher truth…

What does it mean to be human?

Great Article on Nihilism by MIT

This is a question I often ponder. It also has no definite answer…so my pondering will likely last a while.

Something Nietzsche has taught me about what it does not mean to be human is that we are not what we do.

Friedrich Nietzsche was a German philosopher of the late 19th century and was one of the first philosophers to advocate for existentialism. He challenged topics such as Christianity and traditional morality through some of his works like “The Antichrist” and “On the Genealogy of Morality.”

His argument for existentialism is often…

So, I just wrapped up my first job…which happened to be at one of the most influential companies in Canada.

No biggie.

Just kidding — huuuuge biggie.

The Innovation Team at Interac Corporation

Being the youngest intern at Interac Corporation this summer has been one of the most eye-opening and valuable experiences of my life. It taught me SO much about the real world — about working with people, remote work and communication during a global pandemic.

I’ve got a laundry list of what this internship has taught me. To wrap it up nice and pretty, I’ve compiled a concise list of my key takeaways for…

Let’s talk about where the sun don’t shine.

…the deep sea.



It might not be immediately obvious, but our understanding of the deep sea plays a role in everything from the air, weather, and long-term climate patterns.

What’s crazy is that we’ve only discovered 5% of the Earth’s oceans.

The deep-sea starts where sunlight begins to fade which is about 200m below the surface. Then there’s a twilight zone with partial light that reaches down to 1000m. Beyond that is the midnight zone where the water is cold, has very little oxygen, and there’s nearly no light.

For the most part, we all know what won’t work.

We know that being radically honest with people doesn’t work all the time.

We know that short-cuts up the corporate ladder don’t work all the time.

We know that being “unique” is the opposite of what most people want.

We also know that these are the fictitious limits that live inside our heads.

It’s this “tried and tested” mindset most people adopt that feeds into these collective, agreed-upon standards we’ve set.

Why fix what’s not broke? Why try x when y has always worked perfectly fine?

Ruhani Walia

18 y/o innovator working towards impacting billions. A curious writer, learner and emerging tech enthusiast.

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